Electric Bagpipes

Electronic Bagpipes

The year 2000 didn’t bring the end of the world. Instead it brought electric bagpipes- an invention that would be revolutionary for the 21st century.

We noticed a different effect of the music Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Konan, Furunkulus and The Danglaberries played, but we didn’t know what exactly produced sounds so pleasant for our ears. Of course it was the electric bagpipes that made a difference. They replicate bagpipes from all around the world (especially Spain, France, Sweden and Scotland).

But don’t imagine all the people playing bagpipes with kilts, thick socks and tassels. Only in Scotland we can find such things. Here they are used in a military manner. In the rest of the world usually, the players use normal clothing.

There were three Spanish inventors of the electric bagpipes: Jose Angel Hevia Velasco (a bagpipe player), Alberto Arias (a software engineer) and Miguel Dopico (a technician).
Nowadays the best producers are the Fagerstorm Technopipes and the electric bagpipes Chanter from Degerpipes.

Still, the first efforts of making electric bagpipes were made since 1970 when the bagpipe was filled by an electric pump. The sound wasn’t though different from the one of a traditional bagpipe and the worse disadvantage was that they were not very portable. They needed to be plugged in.

But as these three Spanish men invented a portable unique device of such a type they have sold half a million copies of their debut album.


Because the sound is so special and unique that it can’t pass unnoticed. The electric bagpipes offer the traditional bagpipe voice but the effects with which you can play are numerous. For instance you can have the drone on or off. You can choose also another sounds like a thin Irish whistle. You have the default key- B flat, but also other seven additional keys available.

Moreover, you won’t have problems with the transport: they have a light weight. The battery they use is a 9- volt one so it won’t be too difficult to practice anywhere you wish.
The fingering is also simple: it is similar to the one of a recorder or thin whistle.

So you won’t have too many troubles in learning how to play this instrument- just let your intuition free and see what comes out. If you want to sphere your music with others, don’t hesitate: you have a headphone jack and a volume control as well as a speaker in order to do this. The headphone jack can also be used for recording your electric bagpipes.

But don’t hesitate to take a look on youtube in order to see in what interesting manners electric bagpipes can be used: you will find a lot of beginners but also professionals that will enlighten you the mysteries of using such an interesting and modern instrument. You will be charmed by what it can do. You can also be a great musician, and now it’s the time to start being it.